Why should you
work with us?

We solve problems in the integrated way

The main goal of our work is to
help in the promotion and developmentof
your business on the Internet. We createand
promote websites, fill them with content, improve
and develop working methods on the network.




Constantly moving forward

In order to keep up with the modern world, we develop
and move forward, looking for new
ideas and innovative solutions.
The company’s success depends on the
willingness to change, improve and always
be aware of new technologies and trends




It’s all in details

We always test all elements and mechanisms of the website at every
stage of its creation and development. Even minor errors
or defects can deliver customers a lot of problems and }
troubles, which, in turn, entails incorrect
work of the website




We are always in touch

We did our best to make our customers feel
comfortable and pleasant to work with us.
That is why we are always ready to help,to
answer your questions, advise and offer a quick
solution to the problem or task.




Guarantee and Quality

The foundation of our business is honesty, responsibility and,
of course, quality. We understand that the
delays and disruption ofpromises is more than
unacceptable. We always fulfill our responsibilities.




We appreciate every customer

Our company will be your reliable partner on the network,
because we take into account all clients`
needs and wishes . You can always count
on our help on your project.




Some information about
our company








Hurry — you get quality than the site faster,
the faster will get new customers. Start today!

If you order the
website you get


1) Design

2) Content

Unique Responsive design for all devices

Filling of the website with high quality content


3) Business Analysis

4) Marketing

Competitive analysis of your niche, direction of the website (we immerse into your business)

Creation of a unique marketing offer (product packaging, services)


5) Optimisation

6) Tools

Basic SEO setting + mini training course

Setting up of Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica to optimize website conversion


7) Support


The ability to make edits at all stages of the project

Support and administration of the website 60 days 24/7


8) Testing


A / B testing to optimize website conversion



9) Control


Regular reporting after each stage of the completed work



10) In touch


The personal manager, who will answer all your questions at any convenient for you time



11) Training


We provide full website management training, so that you have the opportunity, without any help to easily administer your website

We create

Landing Page

Landing page — is a web page, which main function is to collect information and contact data of the target audience. Used to increase audiences and enhance the effectiveness of advertising. Such a page often contains information about the product or service.

from £250

Website Business Card

Such websites typically consist of 5-10 pages, as well as other websites can seriously improve efficiency of your business. Typically, these websites contain information that introduces visitors to the activity of your company — the services provided, goods.

from £350


Online store is a special website, which main purpose is to allow visitors to purchase goods and services without leaving their home. Online stores are suitable for companies with trade experience «Offline» and for start-ups.

from £500

Corporate website

Corporate website — is an ideal solution for any company, no matter what type of activity it practices. This kind of website contains complete information about the company: news, events, information about its services and products. The main function of the corporate website is the creation of the company’s image.

from £250

We guarantee


We guarantee the positive website promotion dynamic. You will be able to see users` activity already at the end of the first month of our cooperation.



In the process of the creation and promotion of a website we always start to develop the project from a scratch, and submit it after full completion and testing, so we guarantee working ability and quality of our product.



Each of our new projects can be called a unique product, because we take into account all the needs and wishes of our clients. We are studying the business, the product, the competitive environment in all its details, and only then start to work.

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Corporate website




Website Business Card