In order to effectively represent your business on the internet, to find new and increase the loyalty of existing customers, we use only the most effective tools for advanced analytics, search engine promotion and optimization of conversion.

You do not need to understand the intricacies and internet marketing terminology. We will make every effort to help your business take the highest position!

Promotion of a website on the Internet — is modern, fast and low-cost option to obtain customers and increase sales for the company.

For new websites we strongly recommend complex promotion (SEM) — it is a huge list of works, which includes all the existing variants of online advertising and is presented in the form of a one service for the customer.

To display the site in the TOP, we offer all of the latest safe tools in website promotion and optimization.


Complex promotion (SEM)


  • Full optimization of the website;
  • Website search promotion (SEO);
  • Internet advertising;
  • Progress in social media (SMM);
  • Price aggregators;
  • Internet presence;
  • Reputation Management (SERM).


Website search promotion (SEO)


  • Creation of a semantic core for the website;
  • Full optimization of the website;
  • Promotion of a website in the TOP oN Google and Yandex;
  • Monthly preparation OF reports.



  • Creation of a semantic core for the website;
  • Full optimization of the website;
  • Preparation of Meta-tags.


Promotion in social networks (SMM)

  • Registration and processing of groups in Vkontakte and Facebook;
  • Maintainenance of groups in Vkontakte and Facebook;
  • Attraction of subscribers into Vkontakte and Facebook groups
  • Increase of likes and other social signals.


Contextual advertising

  • Defining the tasks of an advertising campaign;
  • Budget planning;
  • Preparations for the campaign;
  • Launching the campaign.


Internet presence

  • Defining goals and objectives;
  • Business directories;
  • Business cards;
  • Bulletin boards;
  • Specialized blogs, forums;
  • Preparation of monthly

Reputation Management (SERM)

  • Defining goals and objectives;
  • Creating a positive image of a company or brand;
  • Reducing the negative.



  • identification of problematic areas;
  • technical analysis
  • architecture software check, including the structure of the database and the HTML code;
  • determination of conformity to standard requirements of search engines;
  • correctness of settings in Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica;
  • evaluation of design and qualitative text content;
  • ease of interface use;
  • the establishment of competitiveness level (thematic requests` statistics);
  • the establishment of competitors rating in a particular segment of the market of goods or services;
  • and other areas, on which quantifying aggregate value directly depends website`s audit price.

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